Why should I use coconut oil Newcastle Personal Trainer tells us


Our Top Ten Reasons To Use Coconut Oil by Harrogate and Newcastle Personal Trainers.


  1. Boosts energy levels
  2. Maintains Healthy Food Nutrients and is the best choice for healthy cooking
  3. Is a highly stable fat which does not oxidise when heated making it a very safe cooking oil
  4. Increases metabolic rate and leads to weightloss
  5. Supports immune function by killing disease causing bacteria and viruses
  6. Supports and improves symptoms of digestive orders
  7. Creates radiant skin
  8. Excellent as a skin and hair moisturiser
  9. Helps reduce sugar cravings and balance blood sugar
  10. Supports health thyroid function and hormone balance


Claire Aberdeen and Paul Greaves


Harrogate Personal Trainer

Newcastle Personal Trainer

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